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How Do I Use The Vitapod Go Bottle?Updated a year ago

Enjoy Your Vitapod Go in 3 Easy Steps

The good-for-you contents are sealed in small, recyclable pods to keep them safe and prevent impurities from affecting them. To open the pods, you'll need our special lid to release the contents into your water.

1. Load It

Load your favorite pod into the Vitapod Go lid with the label facing down. Make sure the lid is on the bottle and there is water inside.

2. Twist It

Twist on the top of the Vitapod Go lid until it seals tightly. You will hear a crack - that’s the pod breaking open and into the water.

3. Shake It

Shake your bottle thoroughly for 10 seconds. Now your pod is mixed with the water in your bottle and it’s ready to drink.

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