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How do I replace the filter?Updated a year ago

The filter button will turn red when it’s time to order a new filter and flash red when the filter must be replaced. To replace your filter, you’ll follow the same steps as when setting up the machine.

Remove the existing filter by unscrewing the filter-cover counter-clockwise and dispose of the used filter.

Rinse the new filter under cold water for easy installation.  Press the new filter securely into the base of the tank and replace the filter-cover by turning it clockwise to lock in place.

Fill the tank to the top with water, seat it on the back of the Vitapod machine, and turn the power ON.

Press and hold the button at the top of the filter cover until all air is released. Please note that water may splash out.

The machine will now automatically filter the water for 10 minutes.

After the 10-minute filtration is complete, place a 17oz glass, or your Vitapod bottle, under the mixing chamber and press and hold the GO button until the glass is full.

Your machine is now ready to make a drink!

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